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LAURA ASHLEY SALE, plus free delivery on orders £75+
New Build 4,400 Square Foot County Tyrone Farmhouse revealed with top interior and lighting tips!

New Build 4,400 Square Foot County Tyrone Farmhouse revealed with top interior and lighting tips!

We catch up with self builder Alana Mullan who is owner of the beautiful Instagram account @foreverfarmhouse17

Alana was inspired to create her social media account for the build of her magnificent two-story County Tyrone home due to the lengthy planning process that she and her husband Shane endured. Alana wanted to help other self builders with useful tips and advise on all elements of planning, materials and interior design.

Let’s meet the couple and fine out more…

The Couple

Alana is a Civil Engineer and currently works as Contracts Manager for a local contractor. Shane is a builder and stonemason by trade and has been a farmer all of his life.

Shane being from the country, always knew he wanted to build his own house one day. Working in the construction industry herself, Alana had always dreamed of designing and building her own home also.

With a clear vision, the insightful couple went about designing the layout of their dream home first and then appointed an architect to draw up their layouts onto plans. The planning permission included a single storey garage, which the savvy couple decided to build first and convert into a living space which they lived in for just over 2 years, whilst their home was being built.

Location, Location, Location

Alana and Shane’s new home is located approximately 10 miles from Omagh, County Tyrone, close to the neighbouring village of Dromore and is just across the road from their farm. The farm is an out farm which was purchased by Shane’s father a number of years ago and Shane now farms the land.

Design Inspiration

Alana and Shane have always been traditionalists when it comes to design, but the couple also wanted to add their own modern twist on tradition. Alana explains “being a farmhouse I wanted our home to incorporate the farm into certain elements of our décor. Our cow prints for example in our dining area are one of our favourite features.”

The couple also wanted the home to be practical and Alana adds: “We made sure to incorporate within our home a large utility room and extra washing machine specifically for farm clothing. The large utility is great for drying on not just wet days but those sunny days when it’s not always possible to hang out washing due to the lovely smells coming from slurry tankers.”

The Kitchen

The couple engaged Greenhill Kitchens early on in their project, just before the blockwork started. Alana had a rough idea on the layout that she wanted for her kitchen, but Greenhill Kitchens recommended only having units on two walls and putting in a bifold door on the other wall for extra light.

Alana explains: “Greenhill Kitchens had great ideas and I can’t imagine our kitchen any other way now. I would definitely recommend for anyone just starting out on their build, to see a kitchen designer as early as possible. Meeting a designer early in the process gives you the opportunity to make any small tweaks to walls and openings to ensure your making the best use of the space.”

Recreate The Lighting Look:

Castle Lighting have available Black or Silver boxed pendants with clear cylinder shades at only £65 each. Why not purchase one or more and place them in a linear fashion to achieve the style of lighting effective seen within Alana's stylish kitchen.

Alana is very fortunate to have a sister who is an interior designer and was able to assist with the layout of their lighting plans. Alana also spent a lot of time researching lighting styles and ideas on Pinterest and kitchen websites as she wanted to make sure the style of her kitchen and living area tied effortlessly together.

The sunroom is located just off their dining area and the busy couple use it as their everyday living room. Alana explained that she has a gorgeous pendant light from Castle Lighting located in this room which sets the tone of room. Alana explains: “It was the first light I bought for the house. As soon as I seen it in the showroom, I had to have it! It’s such a perfect size for the space too and I will definitely be heading back to Castle Lighting again!”

Recreate The Lighting Look:

The pendant light which Alana has within her home has been discontinued however you can achieve this look by purchasing one of these gorgeous Antique Brass Pendant Lights with Crystal Glass Beads which come in three different sizes. The 300mm version is priced at £100, 450mm at £140 and the 600mm version at £215.

Top Tips:

Alana reveals her three top tips for other self-builders:

1. Budget 25% extra and try to enjoy the process! Alana would recommend employing a Quantity Surveyor to price everything off the plan and then add 25% extra as a contingency. Alana advises: “No matter how much you plan there will always be things that go over budget or things that crop up, so it’s best to be prepared. Don’t rush the big decisions but equally don’t sweat over the small stuff either. If I was doing it again, I would try to stress less and enjoy the process more.”

2. Don’t rush your lighting! Alana explains: “I spent hours trawling Pinterest and different websites for lighting ideas and felt under pressure to have things done before we moved in. I think for some areas it can be better to live in the space for a while first in order to get a feel for the space and then you can decide what type of lighting you think suits the space. Visiting a lighting showroom, like Castle Lighting is fantastic for ideas and getting advice from one of their assistants can be very helpful too.”

3. Style in a practical, personalised way! One final tip from Alana is to be brave enough to go with what you feel truly reflects your own style and taste. Alana advised that she is quite decisive when it comes to interior choices and she knows what she likes and doesn't like! “I don’t like anything too plain. I am definitely partial to a nice floral fabric with a pop of colour. What is your personal style?” She continues: “It’s lovely to have a nicely decorated home, but it also has to be practical too! A home is there to be lived in and needs to be functional above all else. I tried to strike a happy balance between nice décor and tiles that are forgiving to muddy wellies! Find your happy medium!”

Local Suppliers of Alana's New Build Home:

Castle Lighting was delighted to supply the sunroom lighting for this beautiful home and you can recreate the looks seen above on the links below:

So there you have it an insight into one of County Tyrone’s beautiful new build homes with practical tips for those aspiring to live in the countryside. For more tips and advise be sure to check out Alana on Instagram @foreverfarmhouse17

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