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LAURA ASHLEY SALE, plus free delivery on orders £75+
Helpful Tips For Your Garden Lighting

Helpful Tips For Your Garden Lighting

With Spring upon us we head outdoors to reveal 3 top tips on how to effectively light your garden!

Lighting Your Garden

Gardens were once a space we did not naturally invest in or seen as a possible extension of our homes. With the increase in popularity of shows such as 'Grand Designs' on Channel 4, Dermot Bannon's 'Room to Improve' on RTE and celebrity garden designers such as Diarmuid Gavin appearing, the focus on creating a garden with visual impact is steadily on the rise!

Unlike your home interior which has always some form of lighting on, you have a blank canvas when it comes to lighting your garden at night.

1) Lead The Way

Illuminating a path at night will effectively lead your eye around the garden. Like the image above you could opt for a traditional look using bollard lights which are available in a range of finishes such as chrome for a contemporary garden.

For those wanting to create a dramatic look, you should position small outdoor lamps right along the edge of your path and also inside nearby borders to light up the foliage. This effect is both dramatic and inviting as the soft light is layered in height.

2) Light Water

Placing lights next to water is a great way to make your water feature come to life. Aiming the beam of light at the water will create reflections that can light up nearby elements such as the shrubs or trees.

3) Driveway

It is important to consider how the approach to your front garden will look at night. After all, this is the first impression that anyone coming to your home will gain. To achieve an effective entrance, we advise that you light up key features such as your trees or the facade of your home. At all cost avoid security lights as these will wash the space with too much strong white light.

So there you have it, three tips to help light up your garden. Remember, in store at Castle Lighting we can help give you advise and show you the required products which you need to purchase in order to create the looks you desire.

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